Use the only channel with a 98% open rate.

Not only do texts get opened—they get responses. Get sales in minutes with the most convenient channel for customers, and for you. Plus, conversational AI can text for you.

Fast-track your marketing campaigns.

With Connect360, campaigns can be as simple as sending a bulk text. Customers will see texts when they wouldn’t see emails, and they’ll respond faster too.

Personalize your messages.

Whether it’s a mass campaign, an individual text, or an AI-written message, Connect360 lets you tailor texts to their recipients. That means text, photos, and videos. 

Automate text message drips.

Use Connect360 to automate text sequences that send to your leads. Program the recipients, timings, and contents of as many text automations as you need.

Use text for anything and everything.

Use automated text messages to request reviews, receive payments, and give any other reminders. 

Referral Program

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