Scale your HVAC services.

For the service sector, Connect360 offers a complete platform for lead and communication management, enhancing lead generation and conversion with AI support.

Communicate through every channel.

Quickly reach out to leads via Connect360, combining all forms of communication into a single, manageable inbox.

Ease conversions via your site.

Make every web visitor a potential lead with a contact form that starts a text chat, collecting their details right away.

Stay top-rated in HVAC.

Stand out with simple text review requests and review site integrations, securing your spot as the top-rated HVAC service.

Change your game with AI.

Meet the new employee that will help compose content, talk to leads 24/7, get more reviews, and more. Connect360’s conversational AI is the secret to scaling your business.

Convert and Communicate Like never before.

Connect360’s AI webchat engages site leads and adds them to your CRM with a switch-to-text form. You’ll get their texts in your inbox, alongside messages from every other platform: phones, LinkedIn, email, you name it.

Rank Higher, get more door swings.

With Connect360’s review requests and reputation management, you’ll be #1 on Google, Facebook, and everywhere else. Plus, almost 100% of customers check reviews before buying. Convert more organic leads.


Improve your business’s reputation with Connect360.

Get more reviews, attract new leads, and make more money faster.

AI Review Replies

Write accurate and personalized replies in seconds, so you can save time responding.

Review Automations

Automate review invites and reminders, so you never miss out on getting more stars.

Review Consolidation

Connect all your important review sites, so you can manage your reputation from one place.

Review Reporting

Keep track of where reviews are coming from and how your reputation improves over time.

Contact Profiles

Every review automatically syncs with your customer profiles and stores the info securely.

Mobile App

Put your entire business in your pocket, and never miss a lead (or new review) again.

Referral Program

Our referral program doesn’t just pay you one time, it keeps paying you for the life of the referral. Fill out the Form Today and Start Earning!