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Engage Audiences by Crafting Facebook Reels

Embrace the Latest in Social Media – Crafting Facebook Reels

Social Media’s Newest Trend Short-form videos continue to dominate the social media landscape, and keeping pace with this trend, we’ve integrated Facebook Reels into our Social Planner toolkit. This is your opportunity to catch the wave and engage with your audience in the most dynamic way yet.

Step into the Reel World:

  1. Initiating Your Reel Journey: Start by selecting ‘Marketing’ and then ‘Social Planner’ within the application.
  2. Seamless Facebook Integration: Connect your Facebook page through ‘Settings’ > ‘Integrations’ and authorize the necessary permissions.
  3. Creating Your Reel: Opt for ‘Create New Post’ and ensure to select a Facebook Page as the destination for your Reel. Note that Reels are currently exclusive to Pages, not groups.

4. Reels Tab – Your Creative Playground: Dive into the Reels Tab where you can craft your message, attach your video, and prepare to captivate your audience.

5. Scheduling Made Simple: Once your Reel is ready, schedule it to go live at a time that best suits your audience engagement patterns

Facebook Reels Specifications:

  • Max file size: 1GB for optimal quality.
  • Length: Anything from a brief 3 seconds to a more substantial 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Formats: .MP4, .MOV, .webm to ensure compatibility.
  • Resolution: Aim for 1080 x 1920 pixels, but the minimum is 540 x 960 pixels to get started.
  • Ratio: The ideal aspect is 9:16 for that perfect full-screen experience.
  • Thumbnails: Currently, Facebook Reels does not support custom thumbnails.

        1. Instagram Story Specifications:

  • Image Format-JPEG
  • Image size-8MB
  • Count-10 image(s) or video(s)
  • Video Format-MOV/MP4
  • Video Size-100MB
  • Video Duration- min 3sec max 30 sec
  • Video width-1920 px

    2. Instagram Reels Specifications:
  • Video Format-MOV/MP4
  • Video Size-1GB
  • Video Duration- min 3 sec max 15 Minutes
  • Video width-1920 px
  • Video Thumbnail format- all
  • Video Thumbnail size-8MB

Image Aspect Ratio Specifications For all Social Posts

FormatMaximum File SizeAspect RatioNo. of ImagesMultiMedia 
Facebook Pages and GroupPNG JPG GIF10MBRecommended – need to keep the Width*Height – 1280 x1080Minimum 600 x 315 pixelsUnlimited Image(s) – Recommend to post 10 Image(s) or lessNot Allowed
InstagramBusiness ProfilePNG JPG8MBSquare, or between 1.91:1 and 4:5Landscape: 1080 x 566 pixelsPortrait: 1080 x 1350 pixelsSquare: 1080 x 1080 pixels10 Image(s)Multimedia format is allowed for carousal- can add image(s) and video(s) together.
Linkedin Profile and PagesPNG JPG GIF8MB Maximum6012 pixels x 6012 pixels9 Image(s)Not Allowed
Recommended – need to keep the Width*Height – 1280 x1080
4 Image(s)Not Allowed
GMBPNG JPG 5MBMust be greater than Width*Height – 720*720Maximum
Width*Height – 3000*3000
1 ImageNot Allowed

Video Aspect Ratio Specifications for All Reels

FormatMaximum File SizeDurationAspect RatioNo. of VideoMultiMedia
Facebook Pages and GroupMP4 MOV1 GB1 sec – 20 minsBetween 16:9 and 9:161 VideoNot Allowed
InstagramBusiness ProfileMP4 MOV100 MB3 sec – 60 secBetween 4:5 and 16:9Video Width – upto 1920 px10 Video(s)Multimedia format is allowed for carousal- can add image(s) and video(s) together
Linkedin Profile and PagesMP4  MOV200 MB3 sec – 30 minsBetween 1:2.4 and 2.4:11 VideoNot Allowed
TwitterMP4  MOV
512 MB
0.5 sec – 140 secBetween 1:3 and 3:11 VideoMultimedia format is allowed
Tiktok MP4 MOV WEBM1 GB3sec – 180 sec540 pixel resolution

Minimum height 360 px and Maximum height 4096 px
1 VideoNot Allowed
GMBNot Allowed
Video Aspect Ratios for all Reels
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