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Streamline Reporting with Detailed Invoice Breakdown

Enhanced Invoice Details in CSV Downloads

What’s New? In a significant update for business professionals, we’re introducing an enhancement to the way you export invoices. This update allows for a comprehensive breakdown of every line item within an invoice upon export. This means, when you download your invoices, you’ll find each item meticulously detailed, including specifics such as the item’s name, its description, applicable taxes, discounts, item ID, and the currency used.

Why It Matters The inclusion of line item details in your invoice exports is more than just a convenience; it’s a necessity. From an accounting and reporting perspective, having access to these details empowers businesses to generate precise reports based on the individual items listed on their invoices. This level of detail ensures accuracy in financial reporting and facilitates a smoother audit process, making it a critical tool for financial management.

How to Leverage This Update To take advantage of this new feature, simply navigate to the Payments Section, and select ‘Invoices’. There, you will find the option to ‘Export’. Upon clicking this button, a CSV file containing your detailed invoice breakdown will be sent to you via email. This streamlined process ensures that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips, enabling efficient financial analysis and reporting.

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What's New

Enhanced Dashboard Features

xplore the latest update with enhanced dashboard features, including clickable graphs and CSV export options, enabling smarter, faster data analysis.

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