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New Order Form Features To Elevate Sales✍️

Elevating Sales with New Order Form Capabilities🚀

Product Narratives Front and Center We are pleased to introduce a new order form features which allows users to personalize sales with enhanced product description details. 📝 Users can exhibit their product descriptions directly within order forms from the products setup page. This feature, although turned OFF by default, can be activated for both new and existing order forms. This ensures that your product’s story is presented exactly as you envisioned. 🌟

Product Description Toggle Turned OFF by Default

Simplified Pricing Breakdown 🏷️ The product description field has been relabeled to “Pricing information”. This section displays details about recurring payments and trial periods. New funnels will find this feature automatically enabled. Also, existing funnels will continue to respect the user’s original configuration. ✔️

Product Description Field Renamed to Pricing Information

Accurate Customer Information with Full Name Validation Enabling the “Full Name Validation” toggle enhances the integrity of customer data by requiring a full name entry—with at least two parts—and applying checks to eliminate improper use of special characters. This validation is optional and can be turned off. 🛠️

Full Name Validation Requires Two Parts

Activating Your Form Upgrades:

  • Displaying Your Product Description: Activate the product description toggle to bring your custom product stories to your order forms. 📊
  • Understanding Pricing Information: The “Pricing information” toggle comes pre-enabled on new funnels for transparent communication of payment details. 💸
  • Validating Customer Names: Switch on the “Full Name Validation” to ensure name entries are complete and accurate. 🧾
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