POS Checkout Update to Streamline Sales

Streamline sales with our latest POS checkout enhancement—intuitive, efficient, and user-centric.
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Introducing the Next Generation of POS Checkout

We are delighted to roll out an innovative new POS checkout update. This addition transforms the checkout experience, offering a reliable touchpoint for every transaction. It allows for direct linkage of contacts to their purchases and displays a comprehensive view of their cart, including the ability to modify item quantities and prices right before initiating the customer’s payment with the convenient Tap to Pay option.

Latest Innovations Include:

  • Sleek Interface Update: Post-Product Catalog, engage with a newly designed checkout interface.
  • Seamless Contact Connection: Effortlessly link a transaction to a new or existing contact, thus creating a perpetual ledger of customer interactions.
  • Meticulous Item Review: Assess and adjust the full breakdown of products in the cart prior to sale finalization.

Your Guide to the Updated Process:

  • Launch the mobile app and pick your specific subaccount.
  • Tap your way to the POS section via the central icon in the bottom menu.
  • Populate your cart by selecting products through Keypad entry or the Product Catalog.
  • Proceed by hitting the “Review” call-to-action located at the screen’s lower edge.
  • Associate a contact with the transaction for precise tracking. If the contact is not in the system, quickly add them there and then, and they’ll be synced with the transaction instantly.
  • Scrutinize your cart content, excising any unneeded items.
  • After all verification steps and linking the contact, tap “Charge” to enter the payment stage and trigger the Tap to Pay function.

Why This Upgrade Matters: This feature heralds a substantial shift in the sales process, integrating two critical functionalities—Contact Linking and Item Management—onto a single, fluid interface, thus crafting a flawless payment journey. It simplifies the transaction process, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Looking Forward:

  • Post-Sale Contact Association: Now, after a sale, link the transaction to a contact right from the “Payment successful” screen.
  • Flexible Discount Offers: Apply a chosen discount during the checkout process, which will be reflected in the total payment due.
  • Comprehensive Total Calculation: The final cost presented to the customer will now consider all taxes and applied discounts, guaranteeing precision and transparency.

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