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Streamlining Compliance: Implementing Cookie Consent

Introducing Implementing Cookie Consent for Websites and Funnels

Elevating User Privacy and Compliance

We’re excited to unveil a highly anticipated update – Implementing Cookie Consent for websites and funnels. This feature is pivotal for adhering to data protection laws, ensuring that visitor consent is obtained before collecting any personal data.

Main Features & Advantages

  • Seamlessly add cookie consent across your website, enhancing the user experience without sacrificing compliance.
  • Customize cookie settings to align with legal requirements and your specific business needs.
  • Adjust cookie categories and preferences effortlessly to fit your website’s demands.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activation

Follow these simple steps to activate cookie consent:

  1. Go to the funnel/website builder tool.
  2. Click on the cookie consent icon found in the action header bar.
  3. Activate cookie consent through the sidebar toggle.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Customize the cookie consent banner’s appearance to reflect your brand.
  6. Save or publish the changes to implement the new cookie consent settings.

Leveraging Marketing Tools with Cookie Consent

For those looking to integrate marketing tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager, ensure to refer to our comprehensive guide. Please note, other third-party codes and tools require prior whitelist approval within the cookie banner’s advanced settings. It’s the responsibility of the website or funnel owner to include these in the cookie policy and secure the necessary consents.


The introduction of Implementing Cookie Consent is a game-changer for website and funnel builders aiming to marry compliance with an outstanding user experience. By customizing and implementing these settings, businesses can safeguard user privacy while aligning with global data protection standards, ensuring a smooth and compliant browsing experience for all visitors.

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