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New Font Weight Selection for Websites and Funnels

Optimize Web Typography with Advanced Customization

Enhanced Control Over Font Weight

Introducing the latest update that brings unparalleled flexibility to font weight management within your websites and funnels. This feature empowers users to precisely tailor the text appearance across various components.

Comprehensive Font Weight Options

Optimize Web Typography:

  • Broad Component Coverage: Apply custom font weights to elements such as text, buttons, navigational aids, FAQs, timers, store interfaces, and imagery.
  • Dual View Customization: Independently adjust font weights for mobile and desktop presentations to enhance visual coherence and user engagement.

Enhanced Website Customization with Improved Slider Sensitivity

We’ve refined the sensitivity of our font size slider down to a granularity of 100, significantly improving the user interface and making adjustments more intuitive and precise.

Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing New Features

  1. Access the Page Builder: Open the interface where you manage your website or funnel.
  2. Component Selection: Choose from the expanded list of elements that now support font weight customization.
  3. Font Weight Adjustment: Below the font size options, you’ll find a new dropdown for selecting font weights.
  4. Implementation and Visualization: After setting the desired font weights, save or publish your changes to observe the enhancements live on your platform.

Key Considerations for Font Weight Settings

  • Font Family Compatibility: Be aware that some font families might not support certain weights, potentially limiting the effects of your adjustments.
  • Priority of Text Editor Settings: If text has been bolded using the text editor, this styling will take precedence over any font weight settings due to built-in prioritization.

Visual Impact Demonstrated

Visual updates are key to understanding the potential of these new features. Updated screenshots are available to showcase how these enhancements can transform your website or funnel.

By embracing these new capabilities, you’ll be able to enhance website customization and ensure that your digital environments are both attractive and functionally superior, catering perfectly to both mobile and desktop users.

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