New Features for Blogs with Section Templates, Global Sections, and More

Enhance your blog with new section templates, global sections, and support for buttons, social icons, and progress bars. Learn how to use these features seamlessly.

New Features for Blogs

Blogs now come section templates, global sections, and additional support for buttons, social icons, images, and progress bar themes.

Section Templates

Blogs now support section templates, allowing you to use pre-designed sections across different funnels, websites, and blog pages.

Global Sections

Implement global sections for specific blog sites, covering home and other pages.

Support for Buttons and Icons

Add buttons, social icons, images, and progress bar themes to your blog for a more interactive and engaging experience.

Error Fixes

The blog post page now functions correctly, resolving the 500 error issue.

How to Use These Features

Navigate to Blogs>Go to the Sites section and select Blogs.


Create or Edit a Blog

Create a new blog or edit an existing blog site by adding domain details and SEO settings.

Blog Site Title>Add Domain Details> Add Blog Meta Description
Edit Blog Site

Utilize Section Templates

While editing, you can use preset sections from funnels or websites to match the theme and styling within the Blog section.

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